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Genshin Impact Fertilizer Salesperson Quest Guide / Fertilizer Salesperson

Genshin Impact Fertilizer Seller / Fertilizer Salesperson is Inazuma’s world quest that should be out in Patch 2.1 of Genshin Impact.

It was a quest announced by miHoYo as part of the latest update. But players have not been able to start until now. What happened?

The reason you can’t get started is because the developers haven’t released all the content planned for the latest Genshin Impact patch. Don’t worry because he will be here soon.

Genshin Impact Fertilizer Salesperson Quest / Fertilizer Salesperson

In Rittou, you will find a man named Vahid. You’ll recognize him if you’ve visited his shop at the Syavushi Bakshesh Shoppe.

There is a commission here where you have to help him by making fertilizer and then learn how to use it from Konda Densuke.

This is the only time in the game where fertilizer is shown and it looks like this is where the quest will open.

Alrani, a scholar at Sumeru Academy, is working on a paper for his class. He is currently working on his third rewrite during the “In Another Land” quest.

Dvalin had attacked Mondstadt and he wanted to write about it, especially about the Four Winds.