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Genshin Impact Error Code 4206 : How to Overcome

Genshin Impact Error Code 4206 – Genshin Impact has sucked in a lot of players since its launch at the end of September 2022 for PC, PS4, Android and IOS.

No wonder some players can’t connect to the server because it’s overloaded. Error code 4206 is a common network error message that appears.

Many players wonder how to fix it. Therefore, we provide the solution below.

How to Solve Genshin Impact Error Code 4206 1 (PC): Check Firewall Settings

Windows Firewall software can block certain parts of Genshin Impact, causing network error code 4206 to appear.

You can fix it by changing your computer’s firewall settings, here’s how.

  • Press the Windows Start button (or click search)
  • Type “firewall” in the search field
  • Click on “Firewall and Network Protection”
  • Select the “Allow the app through firewall” or “Allow the app through firewall” option
  • Click “Change settings”
  • Select the “Allow other apps” option
  • Find the file “\Genshin Impact\launcher.exe” on your PC
  • Add this file to application list
  • Check the “Private and Public” option right next to it

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