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Genshin Impact Distant Voyage Revealed

Genshin Impact Distant Voyage – miHoYo surprises by launching Distant Voyage, a new web event, ahead of the second half of Version 1.6 and the release of Kazuha.

Web events are indeed an easy way to get some Primogems, and this new event, Distant Voyage, is no exception. Play the show here.

Login on the right server

Just like in previous Web Events, this is the first thing you need to know. And maybe the only thing that requires to be remembered every time you enter the event.

Be careful when opening the events page, and make sure to connect to a commonly used server by clicking the Switch Character option on the top left.

You will get an error message “This character has not reached AR 10” if you do not select the usual server.

Genshin Impact game storage data is not shared between servers, so you won’t be able to get rewards if you play on the wrong server.

After that, I recommend muting the sound by clicking on the musical notes, as BGM is very annoying and too loud, like in all previous Web Shows.

Genshin Impact Distant Voyage Explanation