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Genshin Impact Birthday Surprise, miHoYo Gives 400 Free Primogems and More

Many Genshin Impact players were disappointed because on the game’s first anniversary, miHoYo did not provide many surprises.

As a result, they protested until the Genshin Impact rating on the PlayStore dropped to 1.8. But not with TapTap the rating is still 8.3.

Right on this day, September 30, 2022, miHoYo gave a surprise by distributing 400 primogems for free to all Genshin Impact players.

miHoYo gives away 400 free Primogems and Lots of Gifts to Celebrate 1st Genshin Impact Anniversary Anniversary

A few hours ago, Genshin Impact players received an in-game email from the Genshin Impact Operations Team. Content? Thank you notes and unexpected gifts – including free Primogems!

Here are the details of the message, arriving one day after the elaborate anniversary of the world’s favorite Gacha game.

Thank You all Travelers 1/4

Genshin Impact Birthday Surprise, miHoYo Gives 400 Free Primogems and More

This is the subject of an email that a traveler received on September 29, 2022 at 10:42 am. It contained a letter from the Genshin team thanking all the players.

The message is also a reminder for the upcoming online concert on October 3. For the most part, the message includes the attachment of two big prizes namely 400 free Primogems and Glider: Wings of Shimmering Galaxy.

Glider was announced as part of the Boundless Symphony Bundle, to commemorate the upcoming first Genshin k Concert.

At the time of writing this email was only accepted for players on the Asian Server. However, it is addressed to all travelers.

We can assume that the rewards will reach both NA and EU based players once their servers are updated.

More Prizes Coming