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Free Fire Player Features That Must Be Used

 Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games in Indonesia. This game offers a unique gameplay with a myriad of interesting features. Of the many features, there are some that you must use when playing.

Although this feature is quite simple, it has a significant impact when playing. The use of these features will make your game more exciting and maximal. Curious about what features? Read on!

Free Fire Player Features

1. Marker

This marker feature is a feature that you can use to mark an area. At the beginning of the release this feature only serves to mark loot items. But since you get frequent updates, you can use this fixture for various things. This marker feature can only mark a maximum distance of 100 m and friends can also see.

2. Auto Loot dan Auto Pick Up Priority

Although this feature looks ordinary, it is very helpful for players. As the name suggests, the Auto Loot and Pick Up Priority features will help you to loot items and prioritize certain items.

3. Radio Command

This radio command is a feature that will help you in communication. This feature is very useful for players who rarely use the on mic but still want to communicate. With this feature, you can convey certain orders, whether it's about the team or other important information.

However, the effectiveness of this feature depends on the understanding of teammates in understanding commands. If a teammate disobeys an order, then this feature will be useless

So those are the Free Fire Player Features , who do you think is superior? Write your opinion! Don't forget to keep visiting our website so you get other interesting info.