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For those who are busy, here are 5 tips for dividing game time with work!

5 tips dividing game time with work, what are they?

The longer, the age increases and makes us more mature. The adult world is certainly different from the world of children to teenagers, where time has begun to be divided with work, or for those who are married, of course, time is divided with family.

Well for the gamer who have climbed into adulthood, it may be a bit difficult to divide the time between playing games with work and other activities.

Well you can follow 5 tips This is in dividing the time between playing games with work. Come on check!

1. Make a Special Schedule to Play the Game

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One of the most important things in dividing time, of course we have to make a schedule/schedule. This schedule is like making a strategy when it comes to dividing time.

With a schedule, it makes us more imagined and can organize various activities.

In addition, with this schedule, we can be more disciplined. Indirectly with the schedule, making all our activities standardized.

2. Know the Main Activities


This point is related to the first point. We need to know what our main activities are, meaning that we must be able to recognize what activities we do routinely.

Sometimes there are some people who do not understand the activities. So that it makes new activities appear that don’t really need to be done and make time run out.

That’s why we have to know all the main activities that we do.

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3. Don’t Fight With Each Other

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Still related to the two points above. Make sure that all these activities can be carried out in a disciplined manner, unless the activity is very important not to be carried out.

For example, when a family member dies or there is an emergency when carrying out the schedule we have made. If it’s like that, surely family is a priority and you need to postpone playing games.

4. Focus on One Platform

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A huge amount gamer who want to play different games on different platforms. Unfortunately for those of you who run tips this, better don’t do that and focus on one platform. Why?

If that’s your intention having fun it’s okay, it doesn’t matter. Just for some gamer who is very obsessed with finishing the games he plays, this is very difficult to do.

You can choose to focus on PC only, console only or mobile just according to which platform you like.

5. Convenient Game Play

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Playing games, of course, must be in a comfortable state. It feels really weird when someone plays the game in a state of anxiety.

It’s just that being comfortable here also includes that we are free to play the games we play. Does not make us have to follow the specified time.

Currently, there are many games that force the players to keep playing. Multiple game types f2p in mobileforcing the players to have to login and play the game at certain hours.

If indeed you can follow the game and feel comfortable, no problem.

Meanwhile, if you feel that this is actually burdensome and interferes with your busy life, it’s better to find another game that can give you the freedom of time to play and divide your time.

Well that’s him 5 tips for you in dividing game time and work time. If you have tips others to divide the time between playing games and work, leave a comment below yes!