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Fallout 76 Beta Released, Here Are 3 Tips to Optimize Graphic Settings

Fallout 76, one of the newest series from Fallout, has just released its Beta version!

You can get this Fallout 76 Beta by pre-ordering Fallout 76 where you can immediately get 3 versions platform from Fallout 76, namely the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions.

Fallout 76 Beta can be enjoyed directly by customers pre order. For graphic quality, Fallout 76 has very good graphic quality.

Of course, this will make “potato” PC users feel anxious because the specifications are not necessarily strong.

Don’t worry, we will discuss the optimal graphics settings for playing Fallout 76 Beta. Let’s go check just below!

1. Play at Preset High

Source: PC Gamer

Fallout 76 turns out to provide convenience in making graphic settings. If you don’t want to bother with graphic settings, you can directly install the settings via settings presets.

Settings presets There are 4 options, namely: Low, Medium, High and Ultra.

If you want to try right align or Ultra presetsit turns out that there are no significant changes if you play on High presets.

Better yet, High presets it gives 5% better performance than settings Ultra.

It’s good if you want to play optimally, just set it on settings high.

2. Texture Quality

Source: PC Gamer

If you want to do more detailed settings, you can start from Texture Quality.

It turns out that there is no significant change in performance if you lower Texture Quality to level low especially for users of the GTX 1060 6GB graphics card.

So better just set it to settings High if you really want good picture quality!

3. Water, Lighting and Shadow

Source: vgr

For the settings of the three elements, it turns out that the settings Water Quality there is absolutely no performance increase even if we change it to low.

Whereas for lighting or light, it turns out to have a fairly high performance increase when changed to a setting low. About 12 percent increase in performance when the quality is lowered.

And to Shadow there are two settings, namely shadow quality and shadow distance. If we lower both to settings lowmaking performance increase up to 11 percent guys!

All of the settings above are the settings that have the most influence on the performance of this Fallout 76 Beta game. Especially on the side lighting which is most often processed by the graphics card.

Unfortunately for the side textureBethesda always repeats the same weakness, namely there is no increase in performance even though the image texture quality is lowered.

Hopefully later on Fallout 76 has been fully released, Bethesda can provide the best in terms of performance and image quality.

Source: PCGamer.