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Everything You Need to Know about Anthem, Bioware's Latest IP

Since it was developed starting in 2012 then right after Mass Effect 3 released under the supervision of Casey Hudson as executive producer from the trilogy Mass Effectthe game is still floating.

Especially after Hudson left BioWare in 2022. However, the development of Anthem it continued until Hudson finally returned in 2022. Initially, the game was codenamed “Dylan.”

Footage of this game itself was shown at E3 2022 and continues when press conference EA at E3 2022.

After experiencing several delays in the release date which was originally planned for January 2022, the game is finally confirmed to be coming on February 22, 2022!

This game has action genre Online playable RPG multiplayer online, and can be played on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.

This decision was taken by BioWare while celebrating the story of their 10-year journey in the game industry.

What do you need to know about this game? Gimbot will tell you some facts about Anthem so far known before release!

Welcome to Fort Tarsis!

In this world Anthem, Fort Tarsis is the main house for humans in the form of a giant fortress. This place was built by General Helena Tarsis with the aim of protecting human civilization from threats from the outside world.

Over time, mankind finally stepped forward and tried to develop resources and technology to be able to explore new environments outside Fort Tarsis.

All mission meeting points will start here along with calls from different factions. So far there are four known factions, namely the Sentinels, Corvus, Cyphers, and Arcanists.

Exploration beyond the castle walls, to beyond the world

You will play as a Freelancer who wears a robot outfit called Javelins. This outfit has a variety of unique weapons and super abilities!

What needs to be noticed, Anthem also have features single player and co-operative multiplayer in a “shared world” that can be played with up to four players per team.

If you are inside Fort Tarsis, story will be active in mode single player. Meanwhile, if you are outside Fort Tarsis, story will be active in mode co-operative multiplayer.

You will receive a call contract from someone through strider (a type of cell phone) or face-to-face at Fort Tarsis.

Be careful because not all Freelancer the ones you meet are good except for the squad you know from the start!

You are tasked with exploring the world beyond the walls to discover new environments and even the secrets kept by General Helena Tarsis.

Along the way, you will find wild animals and ruthless robbers roaming around.

You will also see the phenomenon Shaper Stormsa giant storm that will take you to the other side of the world!

Get to know the types of factions and their motives

In the world anthem, Freelancers are not the only parties whose mission is to face life’s challenges beyond the walls Fort Tarsis.

Several factions have also operated here, you can find out what their goals and motives are. This faction will affect the storyline of your mission because of several contract done by them.

Then, are there any factions in the world Anthem? First, The Sentinels. They are the heads of law enforcement in the city who believe in the principles of justice and order above all else.

In the eyes of the leadership of The Sentinel, Freelancers are considered like trash that threatens the survival of human civilization because exploring the environment outside the fort is stupid.

Second, Corvus. They are a network of intelligence agents, spies, and diplomats whose goal is to find out existing threats and remove them without direct confrontation. They prefer to call freelancers in completing their work.

Third, Cyphers. They are humans who possess analytical calculation skills and a large amount of information. They will provide information and analysis during your expedition mission.

Lastly, The Arcanists. They are scientist-mystics who have dedicated themselves to researching the mysteries of the world of Anthem. Its main goal is to collect all complete knowledge about human civilization.

Monsters are just one of the threats that exist outside the fortress

There are several dangers and threats that you must be aware of out there ranging from extreme weather that sometimes changes to enemies such as Colossal Beasts, Creatures, and Monsters.

Colossal Beasts are monsters of gigantic size. Creatures are shaped like animals in general. Monsters are shaped like animals but more aggressive and vicious.

Choose type Javelin-Exosuit your mainstay

Javelin is a combat outfit that will support you in exploring the world beyond the walls. This Javelin can be customized according to progress story which was successfully completed.

A number of skills that you can use is running in the wilderness, flying, swimming through underwater tunnels, and using weapons against enemies.

Each Javelin model has its own characteristics. You can choose from Ranger, Storm, Colossus, or Interceptor.

Ranger is the first Javelin that all Freelancers will play. This type of Javelin is versatile and the easiest to operate. Suitable for carrying out any mission.

Then, there is the Colossus with the largest size. This type of Javelin is more suitable for launching attacks with great destructive power and for defending.

Next there is Storm which has the power of kinesis and explosion blast. This type of Javelin is quite difficult to use because of its body that floats above the ground.

Lastly, the Interceptor has the advantage of launching a quick counterattack using a sword. This type of Javelin is very suitable for doing support attack.

Every Javelin can perform features combat starting from mobility, health and ammo pickups, targeting, combos, weak points, loadouts, until ultimate abilities.

You can try them all and decide which one suits your play style best!

Interested to play demo-his? Pre-order to get VIP access

You can sign up for the Anthem newsletter here to get news updates via e-mail. If you want a demo, do a pre-order here.

Especially for Origin Access and EA Access customers can play it early on February 15, 2022.

Can’t wait to try and have an adventure together with friends!