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Eula and Yanfei Character Leaks / Feiyan Genshin Impact

The Genshin Impact 1.4 update is indeed not yet fully available in various countries. However, leaked patch 1.5 updates have appeared. Call it the characters Yanfei / Feiyan Genshin Impact and Eula.

Yanfei or Feiyan is leaked to be a Pyro-type female character. While Eula is a Cyro-type claymore user.

In addition to the character model, damage multipliers for normal attacks have also been leaked from data miners.

Yanfei / Feiyan Genshin Impact 1.5 Character Leaks

The leak came from Dimbreathjr, a Twitter user who is known to often leak content for Genshin Impact which will be released in the future.

Yanfei or Feiyan is rumored to be a Pyro-type Catalyst user from Liyue. If this leak was true it would mean that this Yanfei would become the second Pyro catalyst user after Klee.

Yanfei / Feiyan

source : twitter

According to Dimbreath, the leaked Genshin Impact 1.5 features the following description:

“A famous legal adviser in Liyue Port. A brilliant young woman whose veins crush the mixed blood of illuminated beasts”

Previously, leaked damage multipliers for Yanfei or Feiyan’s normal, charged and plunge attacks had already appeared.

The translated data concluded that Feiyan’s three-hit normal attack combo could deal 39%, 40%, and 48% attack damage, respectively.

Feiyan’s charged attacks seem to have a damage range of 103% to 146%.

While Yanfei’s Plunge can scale from 114% to 142% ATK damage when done from different heights.

Leaks of Eula Genshin Impact

For Eula, leaked, is a Cyro-type claymore user from Mondstadt. If true, Eula becomes the second cyro-type character in Genshin.

Yanfei / Feiyan Genshin Impact Character Leaks

source : twitter @drimbeatjr

Here’s Eula’s description of the leak given from Lumie:

“Spindrift Knight, descendant of an old noble, and the Knight Captain of the Reconnaissance Company Favonius. The reason why a descendant of an ancient aristocrat could join the Knights remains a great mystery in Mondstadt to this day.”

If this leak is true later, Pyro-type characters like Yanfei can help create a new meta for elemental reactions.

Likewise, Cyro-type claymore users can form a party with cyro resonance without two supporting characters.

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Can’t Be Confirmed Because It’s Just a Leak

Keep in mind again that all of the above is a leak of Private Closed Beta Test 1.5 only which should not be disclosed to the public.

The content may also change, for example Yanfei will become a five-star character when released. And there are many other possibilities because it’s not final yet.

Even though Yanfei and Eula are entering beta 1.5, it is not certain whether they will be available in the official 1.5 version.

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