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Eternal Love, Which is the Strongest?

Talking about Ragnarok M: Eternal Love, there is a feature that is relatively new in the world of Ragnarok Online, namely the existence of 4 Mercenary Cat Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

You can rent these four cats to accompany and help you on your adventures leveling or hunting.

There are 4 Mercenary Cats in Ragnarok M that you can recruit. The four have different types and functions. So, let’s talk about the cats that you can rent below!

1. Fighter Cat (Po)

This cat is the cat that you will meet for the first time because it is located in Prontera near mission board. Po cat has job class fighter or maybe more monk.

This cat tends to have dual functions. Can be used for body resistance but also can be DPS at the same time. Because it has both functions, then Po is not too strong to defend but also can not produce a big attack.

2. Knight Cat (Wasabi)

Has the same melee attack as Po, only Wasabi tends to have a stronger defense than Po.

Wasabi does have job class Knight, so it has a strong defense. If you need a cat to survive, then Wasabi is the perfect cat for you to rent!

3. Mage Cat (Missa)

Missa is a cat partner you can rely on if you need help damage dealer. Missa has a function to be able to give damage to the enemy.

Maybe Missa is one of the most owned cats skills. Because Missa can give debuff and also give damage with a fairly high level of damage!

4. Priest Cat (Goro)

This cat is a cat that is very frugal in action. Goro has no function other than doing heal to members party.

Goro will not attack the enemy even though Goro can still be hit by enemy attacks. Very suitable for those of you who need heal without having to spend zeny to buy potion or warm dish.

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Which Mercenary Cat is the Strongest?

Among the four cats, it was very difficult to say which one was the strongest. Because it seems quite unfair to compare the four cats that have different functions.

Especially Goro who only has healing skills without being able to attack at all.

Therefore it is more appropriate to say Mercenary Cat which one is the most useful? The answer turns out to still depend on what functions you need in the team.

If you have job class DPS, then you are more suitable to rent a Wasabi or Goro cat.

Because the two cats tend to have a function support so you can give damage continuously, without having to worry about being hit by real enemy attacks job DPS has a weakness in defense.

Whereas for job class tank, it’s good to use the cat Missa. This is because to help us in providing damage to the enemy.

Then what about job class healer as Priest? We can hire Missa or Po.

Priest can give damage which is large to certain monsters which means it can still be DPS. It’s just that, if you’re not very satisfied with damage generated, you can be helped by Missa and Po.

You can’t just rent one mercenary cat only at one time. If you have reached Adventure Level up to level E, you can buy adventure skills which name is Mercenary Pactto rent two cats at a time.

So choose your “rent” cat, according to the function you really need!