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Eternal Love to quickly become a Sultan!

“Ugh why? I It’s really poor playing Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.” Maybe you also experience this, even though it’s the same as in the real world, if you want to be rich then you have to become a trader by selling in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love.

Selling at Ragnarok M, is it really possible? Of course, I can! Just like the game on line others where you can sell various items that you earn or that you have to earn a certain amount of zeny.

So this time, we will discuss selling tips in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love so that you can quickly become a sultan. We will not discuss about items what to sell is currently selling, because it will damage the market price and certainly the profit is only temporary. This is serious you know!

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Yes, we have just discussed selling tips on Ragnarok M. Cekidot!

1. Frequently Searched Hunting Materials

Well this, the most important thing when playing Ragnarok is always hunting material that is often sought after by many people.

Items the material sought can vary as long as it is needed for upgrade tier or just make items as weapons, armor and headdress.

So what people often do is sell the material directly.

Indeed, some items certain ones are rare to obtain because drop rate very low, such as Iron, Steel, Mercury, various types of Dyestuff and so on.

Even though there are better things, let’s check the next point!

2. Sell Items After Craft

Continuation of the first point. After you get the material that is often sought after, remember not to sell it right away! Use items the material to do craft items. After that, sell it.

What if it turns out that the material owned is lacking? No problem, you can buy through exchange to make up for the lack of materials, but remember! You also have to count margin when buying items which will becraft or made before selling it.

Example, price weapon items or armor of 150,000 zeny.

If you buy all the available materials it costs 130,000 and costs craft 20,000 then you will lose, because the income you will get has been used up for production costs, while you also have to pay “services” to put items in NPC Exchange.

Not to mention the after tax items sold at 10% of the price items.

3. Sell Items that are Open Bet

Be thankful that the selling system at Ragnarok M has an “Open Bet” feature. What is Open Bet? A situation where items These are being sought after and people are willing to buy at the listed prices.

When a items in an open bet state, that’s for sure items will be sold after the Open Bet period is over. This will speed up cash flow you or the money you get will be faster than you just selling items which is not in Open Bet, because it is not clear when items will be sold.


In essence, selling in Ragnarok M to get rich quick is almost the same as in the real world. Always follow the market demand then you will get rich quick!

Not only that, you don’t need to sell materials, make the materials you have for items which has benefits or better usability so you can sell for more than just selling items itself.

It’s just that there is indeed one case where the price if you sell items only materials without craft will get revenue or more zeny.

Don’t forget also that there are cash flowwhere you will get zeny faster if you sell items “Open Bet”, which is usually items it is items weapons nor armor.

Items materials very rarely have an “Open Bet” status so cash flow will be slower than selling pre-made items.