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Eternal Love That Definitely Sold

Maybe some are still wondering, items what to sell in Ragnarok M: Eternal Love to get rich quick? This time we will discuss items cheap Ragnarok M: Eternal Love that definitely sells.

Why items inexpensive? Basically buying and selling in the Ragnarok Mobile game cannot be separated from economic law. If someone is buying, someone is selling.

Isn’t it useless if you sell expensive things but no one buys? Yes, even though you will instantly become rich if you sell items such expensive.

Therefore, we can also take advantage of cheap goods to sell. Items These cheap ones are quite easy to get, so even though they are cheap, you can sell them in large quantities and many people will buy them.

Then items what are the cheap ones? Let’s go straight check!

1. Feather

Feather is items a very cheap material because the price was now no more than 100 zeny, cheaper than the price of a single White Potion.

It’s just, if you sell through NPC Exchange, that’s for sure items it will work. Why is that? Feather is needed to make various headdress and equip other.

How to get it is very easy. You are just looking for items This is in the Goblin Forest. Almost all types of Goblin monsters provide drop items this.

2. Jellopy

Jellopy is also one items at a low price that someone will buy. Jellopy is also very much needed to make some headdress.

Jellopy also has a very cheap price, which is 100 zeny for one Jellopy. How to get it is also very easy. You can hunt Hydra in Underwater Cave or Willow at West Gate Prontera.

3. Sticky Mucus

One of items much needed to make items required level 50-70. Sticky Mucus also has a low price of 120 zeny/pc.

Sticky Mucus is also the easiest to get from various Goblin monsters in Goblin Forest. It’s pretty easy to get!

In addition, you can also turn Sticky Mucus into a Tights in Geffen, and sell it for a hefty price.

4. Hand of God

Name itemsit’s scary huh? Don’t be fooled by the name, because items it is very easy to get and the price is quite cheap, which is around 800 zeny on the day this article was written, although it is items this was expensive at 2,000 zeny per items-his.

The Hand of God is needed to make various items high level, not free is also needed to do weapon upgrade and equip other. That’s why items This is definitely someone who will buy it.

You can get the Hand of God with hunting Deviruchi in Geffen Dungeon, as well as Ferus and Sky Petite in Glast Heim Outskirt.

5. Zargon

One of items which is very easy to find in my opinion. Zargon is needed to make equip high level. Zargon is also often used to perform equip upgrade.

Zargon is very cheap for a high level character, which is around 300 zeny. You can get Zargon easily from drop Mantis and Nine Tails monsters.

6. Necklace of Wisdom

Items this was expensive at first like Hand of God, because so many were selling it, items this price is going down.

Even though it went down items There must also be someone who bought this for the ingredients to make as well equip upgrade. So you don’t need to be afraid that if you sell this cheap item, no one will buy it.

You can get the Necklace of Wisdom by doing hunting Kobold Hammer in Kordt Forest.

Well that’s it various items at a low price that is sure to sell if you sell it.

If you are not satisfied with selling raw goods, you can also sell finished goods by following these tips, because selling finished goods has a higher price when sold.

Check out the article below!

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