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Eternal Love, the Epic Material Shop!

Anyone know Greedy Shop? Those who are still level 80 and below probably won’t care about one shop this. Greedy Shop is basically intended for those of you who have entered level 80 and above.

Greedy Shop is a shop in the form of a male NPC. Greedy Shop is located at Toy Factory 1F. You can visit Toy Factory 1F by visiting Gingerbread City and going towards 12 o’clock at the end.

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Greedy Shop Contains Rare Materials

What makes this Greedy Shop interesting? The thing that makes it so sought after is that there are rare materials whose prices are enough to make you gulp.

Items materials like Biotite can cost up to 1 million zeny. Items this is also one items much needed for upgrade weapons such as the Mystery Bow to Tier 3.

That’s why this Greedy Shop is highly sought after and quite important for high level players who have already entered late game.

How to spawn a Greedy Shop

Shop this does not always appear, but there must be a separate way to bring it up. When you’re in Toy Factory 1F, you have to beat ten Myst Cases until finally an NPC appears shop this.

NPC shop it also appears randomly, not always in the same place. So you have to spend a little of your time walking around Toy Factory 1F to look for the Greedy Shop or you can ask other players using the feature world on column chat.

List of Expensive Items and How to Buy

To buy items in this NPC also can not use zeny, but use items whose name is Edelweiss. Items this can only be obtained by hunting normal monsters in the Toy Factory such as Cookie and Zipper Bear.

Every items have different Edelweiss prices. Items which has the highest zeny price, must be purchased with 50 Edelweiss pieces and can only be purchased once a day. The rest can be purchased with 10 Edelweiss pieces which can only be purchased 5 times a day and 5 Edelweiss which can be purchased 20 times a day.

Remember, items what appears in this NPC is not always the same item, but only appears 3 items and nature random. Here’s a list items expensive that appears in the NPC along with the price based on Zeny.

ItemsExchange Price (as of Nov 2022)
Biotite1,200,000 Zeny
Key of Clock Tower500,000 Zeny
Rose Quartz450,000 Zeny
Crystal Mirror300,000 Zeny
Bell350,000 Zeny
Ice Powder250,000 Zeny
Dragon Scale250,000 Zeny
Fang of Haiti250,000 Zeny
Star Crumb250,000 Zeny