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Early Impressions of Playing Speed ​​Drifters, a New Racing Game from Garena

On January 17th, Garena released Speed ​​Drifters in Indonesia. With car racing genre aka car racing, this game definitely adds to the variety of types of games that Garena has.

Speed ​​Drifters You can download it for free on Google Play and the App Store. But considering the number of games mobile free quality at this time, whether Speed ​​Drifters worth playing? Here are our initial impressions after two days of playing Speed ​​Drifters to give you an idea.

Gameplay Short But Fun

When compared to other games, Speed ​​Drifters have gameplay similar to series Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing. You will drive a car on a unique racing track full of sharp turns. To get past the bend, you need to do drifting, aka turn while pressing the handbrake button on the right of the screen. If you do drifting successful, you will get boost which increases your speed in no time.

Core gameplay It is very easy to understand by all players. That way more players casual and want to play to pass the time should be able to enjoy this game. But behind its simple mechanics, there are many techniques that can be learned for more serious and advanced players.

In the game, both players casual and serious also have a place to play fairly and as desired.

Speed ​​Drifters have two mode the main games, namely Speed ​​Mode and Item Mode, each with a variant solo or team. In Speed ​​Mode, you will compete quickly against other players on the track. While in Item Mode, you still compete fast on the track, but along the track you will get items to stop the opponent ala Mario Kart or Crash Team Racing.

The tracks available in this game are also quite varied with different levels of difficulty. If you just want to pass the time, you can play on an easier track. If you like a more challenging experience, you can play on more difficult tracks.

Each race lasts about two minutes so it doesn’t take much time. Apart from two mode main above, there is also sotry mode or single player as well as ranked mode. In other words, in Speed ​​Drifters there is a place for all players, be it casual as well as serious players.

Some Finishing Touches Are Missing

Speed ​​Drifters has some additional content and features to keep you playing. In this game you can find Club and Couple features. In these two features, you can make unique interactions with your friends. Then there’s the Rest Area which, although it looks interesting, looks empty and doesn’t have any exciting features, at least while I’m playing.

The three features above are additional features. It means you can still enjoy Speed ​​Drifters alone. Unfortunately there is one more feature that I find quite annoying, namely music.

The music in a racing game is one of the elements that enhances the gaming experience. In a game like like a series Need for Speedmusic rock, metal, or EDM is perfect for a race that is full of high adrenaline. In games like Mario Kart, you will get music that is cheerful or at least in accordance with the feel of the track. Temporary Speed ​​Drifters actually give mood which is not appropriate.

Speed ​​Drifters have a music collection consisting of several songs pop and rock that you’ve been with on the radio. At first this music sounds normal when you are in the main menu of the game. It’s just that you will also listen to the song while playing.
Believe me, listen to the song I Won’t Go Home Without You from Maroon 5 when you are racing at high speed is a strange experience.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved easily with updates which includes a new song. Hopefully this game will find a new song that fits, whether it’s an original song or a popular song. While waiting, you can listen to songs from other devices to get the maximum playing experience.


Overall, Speed ​​Drifter is a fun game for those of you looking for a game that can be played quickly in about two to three minutes. The game is easy to play and offers features as well mode quite a variety of games. It means it depends mood or your playing skills, you always have a reason to fill your spare time with this game.

You can download Garena Speed ​​Drifters at Google Play and App Store for free