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Dizzy Level Up? Follow These 4 Ragnarok M Leveling Tips!

The activities that are quite tiring in this game are leveling. Activity leveling Ragnarok M is indeed quite tiring because it takes a lot of time to be able to collect as much exp as possible in order to level up.

Good luck in activities leveling Ragnarok M is not as tiring as the PC version of Ragnarok Online. This is due to the features auto so you can do leveling automatically.

Actually in leveling Ragnarok M, you don’t need to just focus on grinding character. You can do other things to get a lot of experience.

So, instead of being dizzy, you keep doing grindingjust follow the 4 tips below so that your exp is quickly obtained and you level up quickly.

1. Run the Quest

Never underestimate quest. Every quest besides getting item rewardsyou can also get enough exp to be able to raise your level.

You can run various quest when your Combat Time has run out. Why is it better after Combat Time is up? This is because exp and items obtained from quest will not be affected by Combat Time.

2. Take Monster Resistance

Monster Resistance is also one of the new features in Ragnarok M. As discussed in another article, Monster Resistance allows you to get exp 10 times the normal exp you should get.

As long as Monster Resistance is available, take it immediately because if you have passed 3 days of not taking Monster Resistance, you will not get any more Monster Resistance in the future.

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3. Tell Your Pet to “Work Rodi”

Pet or the pet monsters that we usually take on adventures can also give you quite a lot of exp. Oh yeah how?

Just use items Labor Traveling Machine and put pet you in shop named Item Shop. Within 55 minutes, pet you will get various items randomly, which is where there’s a chance you’ll get EXP Potions in sizes M to L.

The EXP Potions you get are not only Base EXP Potions, but also Job EXP Potions. Don’t forget too, try pet you already have a maximum level of intimacy (10), so that work time is done more efficiently and provides drop rate the greater one!

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4. Prioritize Job Level

System leveling Ragnarok M has the exact same system as the old version of Ragnarok Online, where there are two types of levels, namely Base Level and Job Level.

These two types of levels have different functions. Base Level gives attribute bonus when level increases, while Job Level will give one point skillsthe main attribute bonus is random, and if it is maximum, you can change job Becomes job which are more advance and of course stronger.

Why do we prioritize Job Level improvement? This is because to make it easier to do leveling nor hunting. The recommended monsters to fight in the Ragnarok M system are based on your level.

If your Base Level far exceeds your Job Level, it will be difficult for you because of the attribute bonus that should be obtained from job which are more advance, you don’t get.

Besides, you can’t use skills job which exists. Suppose you are a Hunter, you will not be able to use skills Sniper which even though can also help you in defeating stronger monsters.

So that’s 4 tips for doing it leveling. Actually activities leveling This is almost the same as working on a script. No need to be afraid of being left behind by your friends who are already high level, because there will definitely be times when you will graduate and become strong!

So take it easy!