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Difference between VIP Demo + Open Demo and Final Game Anthem

For those of you who don’t know, Anthem himself had held several game tests before the VIP Demo several times which was referred to as Alpha Test of which were held in Stockholm and London in December 2022.

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Session Alpha Test This is done on December 8-9 2022. You have to register independently and check your email regularly to see if you are a lucky person or not.

Even if you do pre orderdoesn’t mean you will get a chance Alpha Test this. What needs to be noticed, gamer or streamer Those who get the opportunity to play the Anthem game at the beginning are required to sign an NDA.

This is done as an agreement that they will not divulge any game details at this time Alpha Test. If you violate, your account will be in-banned by EA.

One of YouTuber named RyanCentral invited to try out Anthem moment Alpha Test in the video admits that VIP Demo + Open Demo played is very bad. Different from when Alpha Test and of course Final.

You can also read Gimbot’s review of VIP Demo which is very, very frustrating to play because of the many connection problems here.

Then, what’s the difference Anthem moment VIP Demo + Open Demo vs Final? The following is the result of Gimbot’s analysis.

  • Game runs more smoothly (without bugs as stuck in loading screen or in-kick from the server in the middle of the game).
  • You can run while in the city (Fort Tarsis).
  • Time loading be faster in all transitions gameplay so you won’t get infinite loading screen.
  • Feature overheating while flying has a longer time. Not like in the demo which is just a moment.
  • You can see the status (health & shield bar) teammates and their position or location on the top left of the screen.
  • For the map section, directional marker in the mission will be much better.

That’s it some feature news updates Anthem which will be different in Final. Games Anthem This itself will be released on February 22, 2022 tomorrow.

If you do Legion of Dawn Edition pre-orderyou can already play full game starting from February 15, 2022 ago in Origin Access.