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Diablo Immortal Finally Announces Release Date, Apparently Also Released on PC

At the beginning of its announcement, Diablo Immortal became the object of ridicule by gamers around the world, who at that time seemed to strongly oppose the concept of Diablo on the mobile platform.

After almost 4 years of long development, little by little gamers are starting to accept the presence of Diablo Immortal considering that this game is not the main game series.

But what happens after the various controversies that have arisen in the last few years and finally Blizzarad Entertainment announced that this game will also be released on PC.

Yep, in its latest announcement, Blizzard finally announced that Diablo Immortal will be released on mobile and PC on June 2.

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The difference is that the release on PC will still be in Open Beta status, which means Blizzard will still optimize the PC version.

Interestingly, this game will later support cross-play and cross-progression between the two platforms. So that players can still continue the game on both PC and smartphone.

In launch video on YoutubeBlizzard’s Game Designer Wyatt Cheng explains that they finally put the PC in to be able to reach as wide and as many players as possible.