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Create Your Game Character with Xbox Avatar Editor

Avatars are characters that represent users of the Xbox Live service and are unique representations of style, personality, creativity, and mood. So you can feel a new experience when using Xbox.

This system was released on November 19, 2007 under the name Xbox Original Avatar. Simply put, you can customize your body shape, gender, facial features, hairstyle, clothes, and other attributes in the 2D avatar image on your Xbox profile.

The good news is, last month Xbox One just updated through the October 2022 Xbox Update. One of its superior features is the presence of an Xbox Avatar update which was previously scheduled for release in 2022 under the name Xbox Avatar Editor.

After extensive testing in the Xbox Insider Program, the Xbox Avatar Editor is finally available to the public. What’s new in the Xbox Avatar Editor, huh?

Added character and accessories customization categories

You can create an avatar in this Xbox Avatar Editor app from scratch (not using settings from Xbox Original Avatar).

Category for Appearance that displays the appearance of your character and closet that displays your character’s outfits get added.

In fashion appearanceyou can do full customization starting from body, face, hair, facial hair, makeup, limbs, and fingernails.

Meanwhile, in mode closetyou can change your dress style starting from outfit, hat, top, dress, bottom, shoes, propand accessories.

Blending colors with Color Combination

In addition to changing the form of appearance and style of dress. You can also combine colors with the Color Combination feature.

If you want to have yellow hair like Son Goku’s character in Dragon Ball, you can choose Front Spikes and use yellow.

Or if you want to wear black clothes with black pants and sandals, you can try T-Shirt tops, Skinny bottoms, and Athletic Sandals.

Express your mood with Moods

Add Moods to express your avatar’s mood. There are 24 moods that you can try starting from screaming, superhero, happy, surprised, and many more.

Take your photo style at the Photobooth

If you have finished customizing your avatar’s appearance and dress style, you can take your picture in the Photobooth. You can choose your own photo style, whether close up or full body with features rotation and zoom.

You can even post a photo pose from Moods by pressing the play and pause buttons at the bottom. Press the camera key to set it as a profile.

Purchase more attributes in the Avatar Store

If you feel that the character customization and accessories are lacking, you can buy them at the Avatar Store to try out some additional designs.

For example, Marcus Fenix’s Gears of War 4 armor or a green Xbox exclusive t-shirt. Some are free and some are paid from $1-$5.

Then, how to use Xbox Avatar Editor?

  1. In console Xbox One, open My games & apps.
  2. Navigate to the Apps tab.
  3. Select Xbox Avatar Editor (remember, don’t choose the Xbox Original Avatars app).
  4. Follow the steps shown to create your new avatar.

So, what form of appearance and style of dress describes you very well? console Xbox?