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Check out Jumpshot Tips Using Shotgun on Free Fire Max!

 Free Fire Max is a Battle Royale action game that carries elements and gameplay similar to the original version, Garena Free Fire, but a number of looks and features have been improved from the initial version. As an old FF user, of course, you already know one of the popular playstyle 'Shotgun Jumpshot' which is favored by pro players and players in general. However, to master this melee weapon, you must have a little skill to optimize its limited attacks to use.

Well, in this article the Esports ID team will provide Jumpshot tips using Shotguns to help you dominate all battles in Free Fire Max! Curious how? Let's see:

1. Prioritize Headshots

Logically, the head is the most tender target to shoot. Therefore, try to aim at the head properly to be able to kill the opponent quickly!

2.Do master Strafe Shot

Shotgun is not a fast firearm that has a bullet capacity and a long shooting range. In fact, the Shotgun has a slight time lag between each shot that is launched. Therefore, you should try the Strafe Shot technique to be able to shoot enemies by taking cover from a nearby object such as a wall.

3. Set Reload Time

A habit that often occurs is the reload time is too fast or too late so that it loses the momentum of fighting just to reload Shotgun bullets. So, make it a habit to set a proper Reload time before the war to be able to continue shooting throughout the fight.

4. Using Hayato

Another big advantage to maximizing Jumpshot Shotgun is using Hayato's ability to penetrate armor to the opponent. Of course, utilizing this ability Hayato will make it easier to penetrate and subvert the opponent!

Those are tips for using an Esports ID-style Shotgun that Esports friends can apply to become better at Jumpshot on the battlefield! Of course, to be able to master this technique on Free Fire, it just takes time and adequate flying hours, OK!