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Cheap Broken Weapons in Ragnarok M? Think These 3 Things Before Buying!

The Broken Weapon in Ragnarok M is one of the items which is very common. Broken Weapon or this damaged weapon is obtained from the results refine weapons but failed.

When it fails, there are two possibilities namely level refine down but the weapon is not damaged, or level refine down but the weapon is damaged alias becomes a damaged weapon.

Fortunately, this damaged weapon can still be used without any problems. Only if you want to do upgrade or refineit is not possible.

Broken Weapons when sold on the Exchange, the price will be much cheaper than ordinary Weapons. Now before you buy, it’s good to think and consider these 3 things first before regretting.

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1. Broken Weapons Cannot Be Used As Repair Materials

Wow, there’s a plain broken weapon, good enough to be used as repair material.Eits, a moment! Do not rush to buy, because weapons or equip anything that is broken can’t be used as a material repair.

Even if you have already bought the damaged plain weapon and you want to repair it, the price will be more expensive than buying an undamaged weapon, because it’s the same as buying a weapon that is in good condition plus “wasting zeny” unnecessarily.

2. Consider the Price

This has similar conditions to the second paragraph of the first point. Price is the main factor why Broken Weapons are attractive to buy.

It’s just that you also need to consider the repair costs if you want to increase the level refinement the weapon. Tipstry to buy a damaged weapon that already has a minimum level refinement +4.

The most difficult thing to repair a damaged weapon is if the weapon is an expensive weapon, so we have to calculate and compare the costs, how much zeny to spend if you buy a plain weapon and upgrade alone until refinement +4, or buy a broken weapon and repair it.

If it turns out that it is cheaper to buy a damaged weapon first, then choose the damaged weapon.

3. Consider Availability of Weapons

Sometimes there are weapons that are so difficult to find in Exchange even though you can make your own. Even though it does exist, this weapon is very expensive because of its limited availability.

Always consider this, because of the availability of weapons, so you have to make a plain weapon first. Usually rare weapons also have a relationship that the materials needed are also rare.

If you really want to find the material in question, of course it will waste your time in looking for the material.

So those are 3 things to consider when buying a Broken Weapon or a damaged weapon. Sometimes buying this damaged weapon can indeed be profitable, but like the simalakama fruit, sometimes it makes us stumped.