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Celi Lata Genshin Impact, this is the item Hilichurl asked for and a guide to finding it

Celi Lata Genshin Impact- The third day of the Mimi Tomo event has arrived. This means that more translations need to be done to win the hearts of friendly hilichurls and get information from them.

Searching for “Unusual Hilichurl” is invaluable as players will get some Primogems and nice decorations for Serenita’s Pot.

Fortunately, Ella Musk has provided players with a Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian that they can use to search for different phrases that Hilichurls will use.

Celi Lata Genshin Impact

On the third day, players go through most of the missions before discovering the phrase used in the world of hilichurl namely “Celi Lata”

First of all you will talk to hilichurl who is angry and wants you to beat the enemy.

After you defeat some fire and water mages and their friends, you will be sent to another hilichurl waiting to have a conversation.

Sleep-deprived Hilichurl said: “Mu muhe celi lata“. It means this hilichurl wants you to give celi lata to him.

Where to Find the Items Requested Hilichurl

Consult the manual to find this phrase. Looking through it you will find that Celi Lata can mean many things.

Celi lata implies cold and hot. It could mean fireflies, stars or moon. Fireflies are the key word here.

This phrase can also be translated as “something that gives light without heat“. So, the player had to give Hilichurl something that was described.

The item that describes the sentence is Luminescent Spine. It falls from Fireflies.

If you don’t have one in your inventory, you should go to the stormbearer point and hunt some fireflies.

They can only be found and night. After getting the Luminescent Spine, give it to the sleep-deprived hilichurl and you will complete the Celi Lata Genshin Impact event quest step.

Another item that describes Celi Lata in terms of light without heat is Small Lamp Grass. If you don’t have one, look in the area between Springvale and Wolvendom. There the supply of Small Lamp Grass is very abundant.

Players can open the Hilichurlian Handbook or the Hilichurl handbook at any time and open the Mimi Tomo section of the event menu.

Then press the requested button near the bottom of the event description. There will be many phrases or terms related to Hilichurlian there.