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Calculating Win Rate (WR) Mobile Legends, Here's How

Calculating Win Rate (WR) Mobile Legends – Win Rate is the most important thing to show how good you are at playing Mobile Legends.

Even the esports team requires a minimum win rate of 70% in order to enter their trial. Maybe many are confused why the calculation of the Win rate if the number is already a lot feels unfair.

For example, your total match hero is 300, when you win in the next match, the hero’s Winrate only increases by 0.2%.

Meanwhile, when you lose, the win rate will decrease by 0.5% or even more. Why so? Let’s find out the formula.

Formula for Calculating Win Rate (WR) Mobile Legends

For those who don’t know, the formula for calculating the win rate in the game Mobile Legendss is the number of matches won divided by the total matches played.

After that, multiply by 100. To calculate it, first you need to calculate the matches won by your hero.

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