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Brawl Stars Guide - Piper, The Aunt with the Deadly "Umbrella"

Source: SlitherinSuccotash

If you like the character or anything related to sniperthen you will definitely love this Piper character.

Piper is one of the Brawlers from Brawl Stars who has ranged attacks. This brawler comes with the appearance of a graceful woman carrying an umbrella which is both a sweetener and a weapon.

This time we will discuss how to use Piper so that you can always win, just go ahead check!

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1. Always Remotely

If you use this “aunt”, then immediately take a very long distance from the enemy. Why? Yes, because the attack has advantages when in a very long distance.

Piper has a type damage special. The farther the attack is made, the bigger it will be damage which are made. This aunt is at level 1 only, has damage a maximum of 1,640. If you force attacking at close range, then damage produced will be reduced.

2. Urgent? Escape with his Super Attack

This aunt’s super attack was not designed to attack head-on. Precisely the super attack is designed to escape from enemy attacks.

Piper’s super attack sends you flying and leaves a grenade behind. So if you are chased by an enemy, you can trap him with this super attack.

Yes, you can also use this super attack to lure the enemy to chase you, which ends up being trapped and hit damage which is pretty big.

3. A Little Bush Can Help

Personally, the grass or bushes are actually enemies for this aunt. Why? Apart from blocking Piper’s view of aiming at the enemy, it would be very difficult to meet an enemy like Bull who specializes in melee.

Even so, this aunt can also be helped with a little grass and even has Star Power that is only active in the bush. You can hide in the grass to make surprise attack remotely.

Psychologically, people tend to try to move randomly when they meet Piper. This Brawler does require high accuracy so that its attacks can hit the enemy.

If you hide, people will move normally, so you can direct your attacks more easily.

4. Be Efficient

The biggest drawback of this aunt is the very low efficiency, in addition to the small amount of HP. You won’t be able to attack wildly like Colt or Braley because of ability reload this aunty is very low.

Always try to play efficiently by attacking a little but deadly. Always measure, how long will it take to get it reload. Don’t let when the enemy is dying you run out of bullets and can’t fly finishing.

So that’s the guide to using Piper. After reading this guide, can you imagine how you can always win using your aunt?