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Brawl Stars Guide - El Primo, Wrestling Master from Mexico

“Eeeelll Primo!” That’s how the El Primo character screams when he throws himself at the enemy in the Brawl Stars game. yep, El Primo is one of the characters that you can play in Brawl Stars.

El Primo has the look of a wrestler”Smack Down” from Mexico. Big body, wearing a special mask lucha libre and his attacks are just punches.

This time we will discuss how to use El Primo properly and correctly, so let’s check below. Cekidot!

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1. Strong, but At close range

Still remember the features brawler who has melee attacks? Yes, as well as this Mexican wrestler, their attacks are very close and have a high HP level.

In other MOBA games maybe you can call El Primo as brawler tank. Despite that, this wrestler has a level damage the big one. It’s just that there is one drawback, namely the attack distance is too close!

2. Avoid the Bulls!

lol it’s both close range, why even avoid the Bull? Believe me, even though these Bulls and wrestlers have the same level damage high, but El Primo has a higher chance of losing.

The weakness of this wrestler is that every attack is a DPS type (Damage per Second), where the attack just feels big damageif it hits the opponent for a long time.

Unlike the Bull which when attacking at a very close range, it will give burst damage in large quantities at one time.

This will make the Bulls superior because they can beat us in a shorter time.

3. gank More effective

If you often play MOBA type games then you will understand the term ganknamely attacking from the back of the enemy.

Using this tactic is very effective, especially if the enemy uses brawler ranged attack type.

Try to take advantage of the grass or bushes when doing this so that the attack can be more stealthy on and off!

Well that’s the guide to use brawler with this mexican wrestler look. Do you like using El Primo and have your own strategy? Come on share!