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Brawl Stars Guide - Barley, Robot with Molotov cocktails

If you like characters that have a throw attack type, then Barley is a very suitable character besides Dynamike.

Barley is one of the characters with the appearance of a robot bartender. The weapon used is a Molotov cocktail which has a DPS or attack type damage per secondwhich means the attack will give damage to enemies based on time.

Barley can be said to be difficult and easy to use, so this time we will discuss tips so that you always win with Barley. bye.. let’s just go check!

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1. Get to know Barley first

This robot has a distinctive type of attack, namely throwing Molotov cocktails with the type damage DPS. Once a bomb is thrown, it will leave a trail of fire that can also give damage for 2 seconds, which means you can give damage within 2 seconds.

This robot bartender has an attack rate of 600 damage at level 1, which means maximum damage which you can produce with one throw, which is 1,200 damage.

His super attack is throwing 6 bottles into an area that will leave fire for 6 seconds. Certain damage which is given is also the same which is 600 damage. Big enough isn’t the super attack?

Unfortunately Barley has a very weak defense, which is 2,400 HP at level 1.

2. Always throw bottles from afar

Attacks that are area in nature will indeed be very difficult to be able to hit the enemy. One trick to overcome this is to throw in an unexpected direction.

How to? You can throw bombs wildly, but this method is not efficient because you will often run out of bullets. Alternatively, throw in the direction where the enemy will be heading.

4. Super Attack is better to Narrow Point

The interesting thing, this super robot bartender attack has a different area. The further you throw, the wider it will be.

Actually this tends to personal taste. You can choose this super attack to a narrower point or tend to expand from a considerable distance.

If you throw at a narrower point, then you can earn damage maximum, because the fire will gather at one point and the enemy will definitely lose immediately if trapped in the fire.

Whereas if a super attack is thrown widely, then the fire tends to spread and damage the result is not optimal, but the advantage is that the enemy’s chance of being attacked will be greater.

It’s just that in comparison, it’s better to give damage bigger than giving damage the small one.

So, those are the 4 guides for using Barley’s robot bartender. Anyone good at using Barley? Come on share!