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Brawl Stars Guide - 5 Tips for Playing Gem Grab for Beginners

Gem Grab Events is a game mode that is unlocked from the start in Brawl Stars. In Gem GrabThere are two teams of 3 players each. In the center of the arena, there is a crystal mine that produces gems every few seconds.

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The mission is simple, the team that collects 10 gems first and hold it for 15 seconds while countdown run, they are the winners.

Played Gem Grab easy easy difficult because of the system matchmaking which random. That is, even if you are playing with your friends or alone in random squadthe enemy being fought will not have Rank Brawler the same as Brawlers yours.

Chances are you met an enemy who Rank Brawlerhis height is quite large. Pay attention, every Brawlers who is holding gems and die from enemy fire then everyone gems it will fall to the ground.

You need a mature strategy in playing Gem Grab. Here are some tips that you can follow to make the most of it Gem Grab event especially for those of you who are new to playing Brawl Stars.

1. Take the Crystal Mine First

First come, first serve. Try when the game starts, run as fast as possible towards the crystal mine and grab it gems first. Usually, there are as many as 2 gems at the start of the game.

By taking gems First and master the mine, you and your friends can block the way for the enemy so they don’t get a chance to take it.

2. Regroup if one of the Brawlers on your team is critical

Lucky if your teammates have Brawlers with status Attack and Special so big that it makes your enemy down. But what if it’s the other way around? The enemy team dominates the arena.

Don’t be too far between Brawlers yours and your friends. If one is critical from being attacked by the enemy, do so regroup to help him and finish off the enemy in three attacks at once.

3. Use the Tanky Brawler to bring gems

Tanky Brawler is a designation for Brawlers who have HP (Health Points) with large numbers like Bull, El Primo, Frank or Pam. These are the most effective tips if you play with your friends.

Why? Tanky Brawler will be difficult to beat because of the amount of HP it has. Let Tanky Brawler who take gems up to 10 and do defense to lock in absolute victory.

El Primo the Tanky Brawler [sumber: Reddit]

4. Feeling about to lose? Attack the enemy Brawler that brings the most gems

Don’t panic if the enemy dominates the game. Especially if the enemy is holding 10 gems and count countdown walk. You and your friends must be of the same mind to counterattack as soon as possible.

Well, attack Brawlers the enemy who brought gems together to stop the attack pressure. Share evenly gems who fell and counterattacked.

5. Feeling victorious? Do the escape move

According to the rules, take 10 gems and hold for 15 seconds then your team will win. So if your team has the upper hand and manages to make countdownretreat regularly to ensure victory.

It’s a different story if your team is pretentious, where your friend brings a lot of them gems and countdown started instead forcing them to continue to attack, eh in-counter attack Well, the situation has turned around. Sorry.

Those are some tips for playing Gem Grab in Brawl Stars. Write your comment below ok!