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Brawl Stars Guide - 3 Tips to Master Showdown

Event Showdown is game mode battle royale in Brawl Stars that challenges you to become the last man Brawler. You can play this mode directly solo or duos.

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Showdown alone only has a total of 10 Brawlers in every game good for solo or duos. In playing duos, if you or your friend dies, Brawlers those who are still alive can do revive by surviving until his friend re-enters the game.

Every second, the entire map area will slowly be shrouded in poisonous gas which forces you to go to the center area of ​​the map. Whoever stands until the end of the game is the winner.

Carrying as one fast pace mobile game where each round of the game is played in a short time, you need a special strategy to master Showdown. Check out the following tips to become the last man Brawler.

1. Destroy chests to increase HP and Attack

There are many chests or boxes scattered in the map area. When destroyed it will give power-ups to increase Health and Attack Brawler-your.

Before starting the fight, it’s a good idea to destroy this chest. Collect at least three power-ups to increase your attack ability.

2. Use the bushes for hiding and impromptu attacks

The bushes or bush are part of the terrain in the map Showdown. Use these bushes to hide when your blood is critical due to enemy attacks. Wait for the blood Brawlers-you are full to counterattack.

When you hide in the bushes, you can also do a surprise attack against enemies that are passing by. If status AttackYour level is quite high, three consecutive attacks will make your enemy return to the lobby.

3. Try different tactics of each Brawler

Each Brawler has a different way of fighting so you have to find the right fighting style in Showdown. Try different types Brawlers to see how effective the Brawler attack is.

For example, El Primo and Bull have high HP and are effective in melee attacks. Or a mid-range attack-type Colt.

Mostly, some players choose to use ranged attack type Brawler short-mid-long range. Very few wear thrower like Barley. Even though the attack from thrower to defend and attack is also sometimes quite inconvenient in the hands of the right players.

BONUS: Tips for Duos

Even if you play randomit is important to understand the characteristics Brawlers used by your friend. First, try to stay close together to do consecutive attacks and support when one is critical.

Second, if your friend dies, run to escape to stay alive until your friend is rescued.revive return. Third, corner the remaining critical enemies, don’t give it a chance to do it healing.