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Brawl Stars Guide - 3 Tips to Easily Score Goals in Brawl Ball

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One of events interesting in Brawl Stars is Brawl Ball which challenges you to play soccer. More precisely, soccer is messy because you have to shoot at the enemy while carrying the ball.

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Brawl Ball it is played in a 3 vs 3 format, similar to Gem Grab and Heist with a time limit of 2:30 minutes. The team that scores two goals first is the winner.

Then, what if the series? You will get an extra round of 1:00 minutes and obstacle such as grass and walls in the map area will disappear. Whoever manages to score one goal first, they are the winner.

This game mode has dribble & shooting mechanics. You can dribble by touching it and shoot it by pressing the shot button as usual.

So, are you good enough to score against your opponent? Check out the following tips to help you score goals easily!

1. Use the Tanky Brawler to carry the ball

As you know, Tanky Brawler as El Primo, Frankor bull has a very large HP status. Use them to carry the ball as they will take longer to drop than using Brawlers whose HP is low.

If the enemy gets the ball first it doesn’t matter because of the attack El Primo, Frankand bull also quite lethal if fired repeatedly at close range. Guaranteed the opponent must be straight away.

2. Clean the main road

Look like Heist, there is always a wooden box in front of the goal to block shots. You can circle it but the enemy won’t give you such an opportunity.

The only way is to destroy the wooden box as fast as possible. You can use bull to break through or Shelly and Colt to destroy it in a few shots. do not forget dynamic that can throw bombs.

Brawlers above this can act as support so that when the main road has been cleared, your friend who carries the ball can freely score goals. They can also hit the enemy back when the enemy is holding the ball first.

3. Save Super ability for ultimate shot

There are two ways to shoot at Brawl Ball. If Brawlers-You are holding the ball and you press the regular shot button then the ball will roll slowly and flat.

It’s different if you shoot the ball with ability Super (yellow button). The ball will flow faster and farther. Save ability Super this as the ultimate shot to score.

Those are some tips that can help you score goals easily in Brawl Ball. Write your comments below yes!