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Brawl Stars Guide - 3 Tips to Collect Trophies Quickly

Trophies is rewards in the form of a trophy that you will get every time you win a match. Each Brawler also has its own number of trophies which determines the rank of that Brawler.

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Trophies this is very important because of all the trophies that are in each one Brawlers will be summed and added to give the total amount trophies owned by account Brawl Stars yours.

One of the advantages of having a trophies a lot is that you can unlock characters Brawlers new or get Brawl Boxes which contains items such as Power Points, Gems to increase status Brawlers.

The question is, how many are there? trophies what do you have so far? Still a little bit? Frustration can be. Don’t be discouraged. Check out the tips below to collect trophies rapidly.

1. Use Low Rank Brawlers in Gem Grab Events

Hey, how’s the story playing? Brawl Stars why are you even using Brawlers with low rank? For those who don’t know, every time your team loses you will lose trophies subtracted from the total amount trophies which are owned.

Example, Brawlers used has a rank of 15 with a total of trophies individual 300 trophies. You win the match then you will get 5 trophies. Meanwhile, if you lose then you will lose 5 trophies.

The higher it is Rank Brawler used and when lost, the amount trophies lost will be even greater.

By using Brawlers which rankis low then your potential to get trophies each time you win much more. Usually, if trophies individual Brawlers still early (0-29 trophies), you will get 6 trophies if you win and won’t lose trophies if you lose.

At least, there are three characters Brawlers which can be used early in the game as it grows progress total number trophies collected starting from Shelly, Nita, Coltor Barley as a bonus character.

2. Play Event Showdown As Much As Possible

Event Showdown challenge you to be last man Brawlers. As time goes by, the map area will get smaller due to the spreading poison. You have to defeat the enemy as fast as possible. Events it can be played online solo or duos.

There are as many as 10 players including you who will fight each other. Interestingly, if you lose at Showdownyou will not lose trophies at all.

On the other hand, if you win then trophies what you get is quite a lot. For example, you are ranked #1 then you will get 8 trophies and so on until rank #10.

3. Use High Rank Brawlers in Event Showdown

This section continues the tips above. Try to use Brawlers with rank high when you will play Showdown. Why? The chances of winning will be higher.

If you lose, you don’t have to worry about losing trophies. When you win even though you are ranked #3, you will still get trophies.

Those are some tips for collecting trophies quickly in Brawl Stars. Write your comments below yes!