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Brawl Stars Guide - 3 Tips to Become a Reliable Fugitive in Bounty

Bounty is one of the events in Brawl Stars who challenges you to become a fugitive. Gameplay in this game mode is similar to Showdownit’s just done in 3 vs 3 format.

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The mission is simple, collect stars or star as much as you can get when you kill an enemy within the 2:30 minute time limit. The more enemies you kill, the more star status you get (maximum seven).

Use Brawlers different in each map will affect the outcome of the fight. Check out the following tips to become a reliable fugitive. Check out the following tips to make you master Bounty easily!

1. Play aggressively early in the game

When the game starts, try to play aggressively as quickly as possible by picking up one star in the middle of the map while shooting at enemies.

The more your shots hit the opponent, the more abilities Super will be filled and can be used immediately. Kill the enemies as soon as possible to get lots of stars. This will give your team an advantage to be in control of the game.

Remember, don’t play aggressively blindly, but do it with smart. Make sure your aim hits the enemy, retreat when the blood Brawlers-you are critical, and always attack with backup from a teammate.

Pay attention to the remaining time, if your team will lose because of a lower star status than the enemy team. Aim for the enemy with the most star status and attack at the same time.

2. Do absolute defense when going to win

Remember, play smart. What to do when your team has more stars than the enemy and is leading the game but there is still plenty of time left?

Back off and do absolute defense by counterattacking the enemy while running to a safe area of ​​the map so that the enemy has no chance to get stars from your team.

This is important, especially when you or your friends have status high bounty (most star status, maximum seven). Don’t push enemy, ask backup from friends and don’t die. Use the bushes to hide.

3. Practice in practice mode

There are as many as eight types of maps that can be played on the Bounty. You can see the type of map that is currently active in the menu when selecting a map. Each map requires abilities Brawlers different ones.

For example, map Snake Prairie which has a lot of grass. Brawlers suggested is Barley, Spikeand Bo which can throw bombs from a distance and spread out so you can see the movements of hidden enemies.

Or map Stone Fort which has a fairly open area in the middle. Brawlers recommended is type Shooter as Colt, Ricochet, Pennyand others who can fire with a barrage of bullets.

Those are the tips to make you good at becoming a reliable fugitive in Indonesia Bounty. Btwhow many times have you won? Haha.