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Brawl Stars Guide - 3 Tips for Quickly Destroying Safe Boxes on Heist

YouTube source Coach Cory – Brawl Stars

Events Heist in Brawl Stars carry the theme tower defense like a game Bloons TD, Plants vs Zombies, or LINE Rangers only displayed in gameplay different, that is quite fast-paced and competitive.

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In this game mode, you will play in Brawlers 3 vs 3 which requires you to destroy the safe box or safe enemy’s while protecting your team’s safe.

To win the match, you must destroy the enemy’s safe box as soon as possible or give a damage which is greater than the damage to your safe until the 2:30 time limit is complete.

This mode challenges you to do attack and defense strategies at the same time. That is, the use of Brawlers will be very influential. Check out the following tips to destroy the enemy’s safe box quickly!

1. Destroy obstacles to make the fastest path to the safe box

Map area Heist will always change and always exist obstacle such as a wooden box or a stone wall covering a safe box. Then, how to be able to destroy the safe box quickly?

Use Brawlers type thrower as Barley or dynamic to destroy the safe box remotely. You can throw bombs through obstacle the.

Or use Brawlers type Path Clearer as Shelly, Colt, and bull to make the fastest path by destroying obstacle wooden box so you can shoot the safe box straight from the front.

Take the fastest path [sumber PocketGamer]

2. Lure the enemy to do battle in the middle of the map

This is a surefire strategy that is sure to work. For example, your team uses Darryl, Bulland you use El Primo. Divide into two tasks, use Darryl and bull to attack the enemy and let El Primo destroy the enemy’s safe box.

Direct your friends to do battle in the middle of the map without killing the enemy. Why? If the enemy dies and you are busy beating their safe box, then they will respawn at the location of the safe and can kill you.

So, keep the enemy busy with your friends. This method also applies to type Brawlers other. Try to at least have a type in your team Shooter to perform mid-range and long-range attacks.

Let the enemy cool alone in the middle [sumber PocketGamer]

3. Do a full attack when all enemies die

If you manage to suppress the enemy and attack them so that they all die, do a full attack on their safe box area to dominate the game.

There is little time for respawn for enemies that you can use to give damage large into their safe box. Use the bushes in the map area to hide and heal.

You can use type Brawlers which can issue additional players like Nita with the bear or Jessie with his robot dog to add more attack pressure to the enemy.

Hit as many enemies as possible [sumber Gaming PH]

Those are the tips for destroying the safe box or safe enemy quickly in Heist events. According to you, Brawler lineup what’s deadly in events this?