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Brawl Stars Guide - 3 Tips for Overcoming Robot Attacks in Robo Rumble

YouTube source Rey – Brawl Stars

Robo Rumble is one of the events special in Brawl Stars requiring Tickets to play it. This game mode will be unlocked when you reach 350 Trophies. Whereas, Tickets itself can be obtained by opening Brawl Boxes.

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As the name implies, in events In this case you will not fight other players but robots who have artificial intelligence along with two of your friends.

The mission itself is to defend the safe box from attacks by robots that appear randomly in waves or waves. Every wavesthe robot will be stronger and stronger waves 7 will appear a giant robot as Boss.

Each robot has different abilities ranging from melee attacks to long-range shots so you need good coordination with your teammates. Check out the following tips to help you deal with robot attacks on the Robo Rumble!

1. Keep the robot out of the safe

Robots will appear randomly throughout the map area and they will chase Brawlers closest to them. If there are many robots approaching the safe box, approach and direct them to get away from the safe box before defeating them.

If there are lots of robots from all directions and your safe is being fired upon, prioritize defeating the robots near the safe so you can play Robo Rumble longer.

Take note, Robo Rumble it doesn’t give Trophies reward when the game is over. But you will get Tokens in large quantities.

2. Don’t go too far from your friends

Communication is the key to succeed in this game mode. If you have already implemented the first tip, don’t go too far from your friend’s location.

If you are separated from your friends and far enough away, the robot that respawn near the safe box will easily shoot at it and make your team lose quickly.

This will provide an advantage, especially when waves 7 seconds Boss robots appear. Attack simultaneously at the starting location Boss it appears.

3. Save Super abilities at critical times

Confirm status Power character Brawlers-you are high enough to give damage big enough for the enemy. When the game starts, attack the small robots with regular fire.

Save ability Super Brawlers-mu at a critical time. For example, when too many robots move towards the safe box, destroy them with the ability Super with regular gunfire. This also applies when Boss the robot is near the safe box.

Those are the tips to help you deal with robot attacks in the Robo Rumble. If you manage to survive until waves 12 and within 13 minutes 14 seconds, the reward Tokens what you get will be a lot.