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Beware of Dropping Prices, Trap Selling Materials at Ragnarok M!

In playing Ragnarok M, there is a quick way to earn money or zeny, namely by selling, one of which is selling materials in Ragnarok M.

Material is one type items which is used to become the material of a equip character. Usually a equip need some material when it will be made. One example is like the image below.

Selling Materials at Ragnarok M

Materials needed to make Hat item

Selling in the game Ragnarok M is not like selling items in MMORPG games that you usually find on PC. MMORPG games usually have a system trading, where every player can make transactions or exchange items as well as in-game currency.

With this system, the emergence of economic activities in the game, just like economic activities in the real world.

This means that the laws of economics will also occur in the game world. Economic law is always based on two elements, namely the amount of demand and the amount of supply or commonly referred to as Supply & Demand.

This law applies supplywhere the more goods in the market, the cheaper it will be and vice versa.

As for the law demands, where people look for the item, the more expensive the item will be and vice versa.

Material Prices can Drop!

Exchange Menu for Weapon

Basically items What you get from monsters is random, but there’s no limit to what you get items the.

So that sooner or later, items In the long run, prices will continue to decline.

Maybe you will find steel items which is expensive at first when you buy it, because it is quite difficult to get it, but it will soon drop in price because there are too many supply or too much steel in the market because many are selling steel.

Vice versa, iron had a low price, but had time to rise again even more expensive than steel.

This is because at least supply but demand tall one. Usually this is because there are many newbie player who really need items or is there a mission that requires it items the.

Recognize Trends and Information Up and Down Prices

Menu Assistant that can help you check price movements

Be grateful for those of you who like to sell materials in Ragnarok M. Because this game has features that are quite complete to recognize market conditions.

The trick is to recruit Assistant which you can recruit at Prontera Castle. You can even choose whether to be helped by assistant sexy girl, or assistant the guy who gentle. Yes, one of the features that is quite entertaining.

OK, back to the introduction of market trends. If you have already recruited assistant that is, you just click the button financethen you will see some items which is rising or falling.

From this information, it can help you to items what can i sell and items what can i buy.

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So far I’m still using the Hunter character. If I have time, I might try using a Merchant character who seems to have an advantage in this feature.

Wait for further information about Ragnarok M : Eternal Love only at!