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Best Yoimiya Genshin Impact Build – Best Yoimiya Genshin Impact Build. Yoimiya joins the roster of new Genshin Impact characters as part of the next banner alongside Sayu.

Along with the Yoimiya banner, Epitome Invocation also increases the drop-rate for the event-exclusive Thundering Pulse arc.

As well as the four-star Sacrificial Sword, Rainslasher claymore, Dragon’s Bane polearm, Sacrificial Fragments catalyst, and the Favonius Warbow.

There was also a chance to attract Diona and Xinyan, along with Yoimiya and Sayu. If you’re looking for the best Yoimiya build in Genshin Impact, here’s how to make an ideal build based on its abilities.

Is Yoimiya DPS?

Yoimiya is basically a DPS character Pyro, but he also has strong potential as a critical-hit dealer.

Yoimiya’s critical attack rate increased as she leveled past 40, similar to Diluc’s. The additional damage dealt remains the same, but it makes him a strong character even without Elemental damage.

Best Yoimiya Genshin Impact Build