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Best Weapon in COD Mobile Season 11

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 promises to be one of the best of 2022, with so much new content. Here are the best weapons in COD Mobile Season 11.

Season 11 brings two new weapons, Sector PKM and D13, the new Icebreaker MP map, lots of new Undead Siege, a fun Snowball Fight festive mode, and more.

New content was added just in time for the holiday season when players around the world will have plenty of time to relax and dive into COD Mobile Season 11.

Best Weapon in COD Mobile Season 11

Best Assault Rifle (AR) : Man-O-War

Seasons come and go, but the best Assault Rifle in the game remains the same. Man-O-War is too good to ignore, especially with its recent buff in season 10. Which further cements its position as the best assault rifle in Season 11.

Man-O-War boasts a high DPS paired with surgical accuracy while being easy to handle.

Best Weapon in COD Mobile Season 11 – SMG: MX9

Despite some nerfs in the previous season, the MX9 is still the most powerful submachine gun in COD Mobile Season 11.

What we love about this SMG is its unmatched flexibility. The MX9 boasts an insane damage output and a very high damage range.

That makes the weapon versatile for use in various MP maps in COD Mobile Season 11.

If for some reason, you are not comfortable with the MX9, then you can go with the QQ9, which offers fast TTK and great ADS speeds.