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Best Valberry Genshin Impact Locations – The Best Valberry Genshin Impact Farming Location. Genshin Impact players who have Lisa, Noelle, or Rosaria may need to know where they can farm a Valberry or two in Genshin Impact.

Fortunately, almost all of the Valberries appear in the same general area. They can be found in the Stormbearer Mountains and at Stormbearer Point, which is located in the northeastern part of Teyvat in the current version of Genshin Impact.

Valberry is also needed to make red dye, because it is done in a 1:1 ratio. Currently, none of the weapons require Valberry, and none of the 5-star characters need it either.

Only Lisa, Noelle, and Rosaria needed 168 of them. Given that Valberry’s coverage area is small, it’s very easy to find one. Here’s the location.

North of the Stormbearer Mountain Teleport Waypoint


Going to this location will take less than ten seconds. There are four Valberry seedlings in one bush here, and this location is a great place to start.

From here, players can head north, and along the west coast of the Stormbearer Mountains for more Valberry.

Two of those locations were near the barrier, but they were easy to spot. After getting it, go to the next location. If players need help, they can consult the interactive map above.

Going to all of these locations will give players around 16 Valberries in one minute.

Best Valberry Genshin Impact Location – West Teleport Waypoint Stormbearer Mountains

Best Valberry Genshin Impact Locations

There were over a dozen Valberries appearing west of the Teleport Waypoint. Players can teleport back to the Teleport Waypoint and head straight west.

There are a number of different ways to get to these farm locations, but they’re all grouped together so players take less than a minute to do it.

East of the Stormbearer Mountain Teleport Waypoint