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Best Hero and Item Counter Valir

 Valir is one of the most annoying mages even for agile heroes. Not because of the great damage, but because of the slow effects and skills that can push the opponent. This skill makes it very difficult for the opponent to approach Valir so it's quite a hassle if you want to finish off Valir.

But you don't need to be frustrated because after all every hero in Mobile Legends has a counter. With the counter even Valir can't move, here are the heroes and counter items in Mobile Legends:

Counter Valir

1. Helcurt

Helcurt is indeed very suitable for countering hero mages, Helcurt's silence will prevent mages from using skills. In addition, the burst damage from Helcurt can also easily kill mages like Valir who have low defense.

2. Lancelot

Although Valir can push the opponent and give a slow effect, but it doesn't have much effect on Lancelot. Due to Lancelot's agile movement, he can easily dodge or chase Valir. In addition, Lancelot's large damage also makes it easier to eliminate Valir.

3. Natalia

Just like Helcurt, Natalia also has a silent effect which is very annoying for Valir. However, Natalia is more effective in approaching Valir suddenly because it can disappear and can give 3 silent effects in a row.

4. Ling

Just like Lancelot, Ling also has very agile movements. This agility is very useful for avoiding Valir skills and chasing him if he runs away. The large damage will also make Ling easily finish off Valir.

Item Counter Valir

In addition to heroes, you can also counter Valir with items. The following items counter Valir:

  • Athena Shield
  • Rose Gold Meteor
  • Immortality
  • Radiant Armor

So, those are the best Valir ML  heroes and counter items , are there other heroes that are suitable for countering Pharsa? Write your opinion. Don't forget to keep visiting Gamedaim so you get other interesting info.