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Best Hero and Counter Martis Items

 Martis is a very strong fighter hero thanks to high durability. Thanks to that Martis easily dominates the game and is famous for being one of the exp lane thugs. In addition, Martis also has immunity to CC in his second skill and his ultimate can be used several times.

We can judge that Martis is a very complex hero and very difficult to beat. But as perfect as any Mobile Legends hero, there must be a counter. For those of you who don't know, here are the heroes and counter items for Martis ML:

Best Martis Counter

1. Gatotkaca

Gatotkaca has good durability and that is very useful against Martis. Gatot also easily dominates the early game thanks to his considerable damage. In addition, you can use Gatot's 2nd skill to lock Martis so you can't use skill 2.

2. Ruby

Even though Martis' skill 2 provides immunity to CC, the duration is very short so it's not effective against Ruby who has a lot of CC. In addition, Ruby also has high durability so it is very suitable to deal with Martis.

3. Gusion

Gusion has very deadly burst damage and you can use it to finish off Martis. But you have to wait for Martis to use skill 2 first, if the skill runs out then you can slaughter Martis.

4. Zhask

Martis is a Male hero who will be very troubled when dealing with a rank hero. Zhask will make it difficult for Martis because the joni can be placed anywhere so that it limits Martis when farming.

5. Akai

Akai is indeed very suitable for countering male heroes thanks to his skills, especially after Akai's revamp is quite good. Martis will not be able to use skills or even approach Akai when Akai uses his skills, especially if Martis is on a wall.

Item Counter of Mars

In addition to heroes, you can also counter Martid with items. The following are Martis counter items

  • Dominance Ice
  •  Corrosion Scythe
  • Wind Of Nature
  • Winter of Truncheon

So that's the best Martis ML  hero and counter item , is there any other suitable hero to counter Lapu-Lapu?