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Best Hero and Counter Lesley Items

 Even though Lesley bears the name of an epic hero, you can't underestimate this hero. This hero can repay your HP easily and you will also have trouble attacking him because he can disappear with the other skill. During the early game, Lesley was not too threatening, but not in the late game.

When Lesley's late game will deal enormous damage, even being able to kill opponents for only 2 to 3 hits, it is indeed very scary. But you don't need to worry because you can use the following Lesley heroes and counter items:

Counter Lesley

1. Natalia

Natalia is a scary threat for MM who has low defense. Natalia was able to make Lesley instantly angry even though she was still level one. Nata's silent effect is also troublesome because Lesley can't use skills. In addition, many players use Natalia for the gold lane.

2. Helcurt

Just like Natalia, Helcurt also has a silent effect and deadly burst damage on his 2nd skill. But before attacking Lesley you have to fill the skill stack 2 Helcurt. Only one combo is Lesley auto dying and must panic.

3. Eudora

This mage also has a very large burst damage and has been a subscriber to tires because it is able to provide a real threat. To kill Lesley, Eudora only needs one combo. In addition, Eudora has a CC stun that will prevent the opponent from escaping and the combo damage is maximum.

4. Zilong

Zilong is also very powerful you use to counter Lesley. Skills 1 and 2 Zilong can prevent Lesley from escaping and the damage from these two skills immediately makes Lesley die. Even though Lesley could run but Zilong could easily catch up.

5. Hayabusa

The chances of Lesley surviving against Haya were slim. Combo Haya is capable of dealing enormous damage and is difficult to avoid. During the late game Lesley will be an easy target and unless you buy a special item to counter Haya.

Item Counter Lesley

In addition to heroes, you can also counter Lesley with items. Here are Lesley's counter items:

  • Antique Cuirass
  • Blade Armor
  • Twilight Armor
  • Winter of Truncheon
  • Wind Of Nature

So that's the best Lesley ML  hero and counter item , is there another hero suitable for countering Pharsa?