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Best Genshin Impact Crystal Core Locations

Travelers can farm Crystal Cores by going to locations that have Crystalflies. This is the location of the Genshin Impact Crystal Core that you need to know.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Anemo, Electro, Geo, or Cryo Crystalfly, as long as you catch it, you’ll get a Crystal Core.

You can use this material for several recipes through crafting, all of which use a single Crystal Core namely Condensed Resin, Frostshield Potion, and Windbarrier Potion.

Location of Crystal Core Genshin Impact – Guyun Stone Forest

Location of Crystal Core Genshin Impact

The Domain of Guyun allows players to teleport very close to several Geo Crystalflies. You can also collect some of them quickly and efficiently with this location.

If the player fails to pick up one of them, they can teleport to another place and then teleport back here. In addition, the closed nature of this location makes Geo Crystalflies less likely to get trapped.

Finding Crystal Cores won’t be difficult here. There are also several Crystal Core locations further southwest. It was one of the highest concentrations of Crystal Cores near teleportation.

2. Windrise Statue of the Seven