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Best Build Kujou Sara Genshin Impact – The Best Kujou Sara Genshin Impact Build. Update 2.1 Genshin Impact “Floating World Under the Moonlight” will bring many new features to the game with the addition of the islands of Watatsumi and Seirai.

There’s also a new fishing system, more powerful bosses, and most importantly, four new characters, one of which is Kujou Sara.

Kujou Sara is the Electro Bow character from Inazuma. He will be featured as a 4 Star in the same Wish Banner as Baal, starting September 1.

Assuming he follows the previous trend, he will be available on all banners starting from Patch 2.2.

Best Build Kujou Sara Genshin Impact – Weapon

Keep in mind that Kujou Sara’s Crowfeather buff attack increases with her Base Attack, so it’s best to prioritize weapons with high Base Attack.

The 5 Star Bow would naturally be the preferred choice, the Amos Bow in particular, as it would further strengthen his Charged Attack.