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Badang Best Body Counter Hero and Items

 Badang is one of the strongest heroes, not only has high durability but CC and body damage is very painful. Badang is able to give CC stun in a short time thanks to his passive or combo skill 1 and wall. Even during the late game, the opponent can't do anything about being stunned.

Now to overcome the threat from the body you can use the counter. If you don't know what Badang counters are, keep reading the following list of Badang heroes and items:

Counter Badang

1. Chou

Chou has high durability so he can survive when faced with Badang. In addition, Chou's damage and CC will make the body quite overwhelmed. What's more, Chou's CC can open up opportunities for teammates.

2. Ling

Badang's passive is based on basic attacks, but with Ling's agile movements he can avoid any basic attacks of Badang. Not only basic attacks, Ling can also easily dodge Badang's combos with ease.

3. Yu Zhong

As an exp lane thug, of course, Yu Zhong is very suitable to deal with Badang. Yu Zhong has sick durability and damage even in the early game. Yu Zhong also easily made it difficult for Badang to farm.

4. Paquito

Even though in the beginning Paquito lost but when he was level 4 Paquito could kill Badang easily, That's because Paquito's CC will make it difficult for Badang to use skills or basic attacks.

5. Masha

Masha has very thick HP and allows her to defend easily against Badang. In addition, Masha can make Badang unable to use Basic attacks so that Badang's passive will not be active.

Item Counter Badang

In addition to heroes, you can also counter Badang with items. The following are Badang counter items:

  • Blade Armor
  • Winter Truncheon
  • Antique Cuirras

So that's the best Badang ML  counter , is there another suitable hero to counter Badang? Write your opinion