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Are you a Playstation fan? Playstation Merchandise You Must Have!

Are you a Playstation fan? Really like all things Playstation? Then this article is perfect for you!

Playstation is one console gaming which is very popular among gamer.

Not surprisingly, because in 5 years after this release, the Playstation 4 managed to reap sales of 86.1 million units worldwide. VentureBeat.

So, in this article, we will discuss various gear or merchandise Playstation for you Playstation fans. Come on ah check!

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1. Playstation Shoes

Who can resist the temptation of these cool shoes? Sony teamed up with Nike to “create” a shoe brand with the Playstation logo on the shoes.

This shoe is named Paul George which is taken from the name of a basketball player, or commonly called PG, where this shoe series is actually brand basketball shoes. Especially for the version with the Playstation logo, it is named PG2.

Currently, PG2 has been released which is now sold out. Don’t worry, you can also get PG 2.5 X which was released on December 1, 2022 yesterday.

2. Playstation T-shirts and other accessories

It seems that t-shirts are not something that should be questioned whether it is a must have or not.

T-shirts with the Playstation logo, of course, you can get them from various t-shirt sellers.

It’s just that as a Playstation fan if you want an official logo, you can get it at

Not just t-shirts, clothes or hoodiesvarious accessories such as glasses, tote bags to candles are also here.

You can order by visiting directly Playstation-Gear.

3. Playstation Suitcase

Wow, this is even more amazing. The suitcase with the Playstation logo is one of the merchandise that you must have for Playstation fans.

This suitcase is produced by the Good Smile Company, a company that produces various hobby items such as action figurestoys and so on.

Interestingly, they also make a variety of other unique accessories. One example is this suitcase with the Playstation logo.

There are three types of luggage, namely a suitcase with the words Playstation, the Playstation logo, and a special button controller Playstation on the outside of the suitcase.

You can order by visiting the site Good Smile Company.

Well that’s it various gear or merchandise which is perfect for you Playstation fans. Do you have any recommendations? merchandise other?