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Anti-piracy! 5 Reasons You Should Play Original Games

Playing games turns out to be one of the most expensive hobbies. This can be proven by the amount of money that comes out if there are games that come out simultaneously.

If one game is valued at around IDR 700 thousand, then if we buy just three games we can spend around IDR 2.1 million.

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The high price of a game makes not all gamer actually bought the original version of the game. They tend to use pirated games because they are priced way below the original games.

But the pirated game players will of course get a loss for playing pirated games. here, gimbot will discuss five reasons gamer have to play the original game.

1. Full Support

You guys get full support like Bayek, eh!

The reason for having to play the original game first is that we will get support full from the developer. Support the full includes updates periodic and improvement files system in case of failure.

Updates periodical clearly has an advantage because there are updates which makes the game run with frame rate more stable both in console as well as on a PC.

Fixing system files is also really very helpful, especially for gamer PC. If the game’s performance is not optimal, we just need to re-check the files in the game and the game will run fine.

In addition to the two things above, there are also official forums that discuss the game, ranging from problems to walkthroughit’s all there. So, still thinking about playing the original game?

2. Multiplayer

Playing alone is boring sometimes

If you play pirated games, you will miss this one thing. Yes, playing with an installed consolejailbreak and pirated games get ready can’t play mode on line multiplayer.

“Ah no don’t play mode multiplayer also no what,” Sure? Playing in multiplayer mode can make it easier for us to do missions. An example of a game that adheres to this system is one of them Monster Hunter: World.

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Besides, games like Call of Duty and Battlefield it must be admitted that it focuses more on on line multiplayer. Even Red Dead Redemption 2 even if also inject the system on line multiplayer.

In that mode, we must admit that we will feel twice as much fun as playing the mode single player. Boredom is also far away from us.

3. Free Criticism Game

Have the right to criticize of course!

One of the most ignorant people in this world is that they play pirated games and criticize them and then do share on social media.

The problem of criticizing this game can indeed be done by people, but how can people who don’t play the original version criticize and even condemn the game.

Unlike the case with people who did buy the original version. They have the right to complain because indeed they have paid a fairly high price for the game.

Something like has happened in a game that was just released some time ago, namely Fallout 76. They criticize the game and also bundling that didn’t fit when they bought the version special edition-his.

So according to gimbotif you want to criticize a game, you must play the original version.

4. Learn Financial Management

Sometimes we reflect on being too extravagant!

What does learning financial management have to do with playing original games? Of course there is. For gamer With so little money, they can’t possibly buy all the games they want at once, can they?

Of course to adjust to the budget, they have to sort out which games are prioritized and which are not.

This is where our brains spin to manage the money coming in and going out in order to be able to buy the games we want. A number of gamer admit that they become more economical when playing the original game.

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In addition to being able to save, they also choose to play the game until they finish and then they buy another game. Sometimes, there are original games that are priced quite cheap or even cheaper than the pirated versions.

Unlike when buying pirated games.

With a low price, we will continue to buy it regardless of money coming in and going out. What’s worse, playing pirated games will eliminate the essence of playing the game itself and there is a tendency to be reluctant to finish this game because of the low price.

It’s not impossible that the cost of playing pirated games is more than the original game, right?

5. Anti-Complicated!