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Aldous's best heroes and counter items

 This late game hero has enormous damage but not during the early game because Aldous' damage depends on his stack. Because Aldous relies on damage from his stack, Aldous can use a full defense or semi-defense build so it is very difficult to kill Aldous. Moreover, Aldous also has a shield that will make it thicker.

During the late game, Aldous can easily kill various heroes, even tanks. of course Aldous is very threatening but you can win against him by using the following Aldous hero or counter item.

Counter Aldous

1. Lunox

Lunox is very effective you use to counter Aldous, not only can you dodge Aldous's attacks with the ultimate Starlight Plus mode. Lunox also has great damage to Darkness so it has the possibility of killing Aldous.

2. Lancelot

This agile hero is also very difficult to kill, Lancelot has various skills that can avoid Aldous's attacks. Not even just one attack can even dodge several attacks and stun Aldous. Lancelot's damage is also quite large and is able to kill Aldous.

3. Akai

This tank is very annoying from the first, the ultimate will give a knock back to the opponent so they can't get close. Skills like this are very useful for saving teammates who are locked by Aldous.

4. Yin

Yin can easily save the hero locked by Aldous with his ultimate. Yin can bring Aldous to the arena, if Yin is not able to kill Aldous then you just need to twirl around. Because the most important thing is that you and your friends are safe.

Item Counter Aldous

In addition to heroes, you can also counter Aldous with items. The following are Aldous counter items:

  • Antique Cuirass
  • Blade Armor
  • Winter of Truncheon
  • Wind Of Nature

So that's the best hero and counter item for Aldous ML  , is there any other suitable hero to counter Aldous?