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Adventure Skills in Ragnarok M that You Must Take at the Beginning

There are many kinds skills on Ragnarok M. Not only Job Skills that you get directly match job your character, but there are also Adventure Skills in Ragnarok M.

Adventure Skills in Ragnarok M are few skills which have certain functions. Unlike Job Skills which are used to attack or defend against enemies, Adventure Skills in Ragnarok M tend to have utility properties that are useful at certain times.

Well sometimes newbie confused, what Adventure Skill needs to be taken when it can be learned. The problem is every take skills For that, we have to pay with very minimal Adventure Points, therefore we have to take into account skills whatever is worth taking that we really need.

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for the newbie For those who are confused, we will provide recommendations for Adventure Skills that must be taken, to help you in your adventure in the world of Ragnarok M, check!

1. All Skills That Add Auto Skill Slots

One skills which is a must to take. As is skills this, you have an additional slot to put skills again which may be full. Yes, the point is, you can put skills more active than before.

2. All Skills That Add Slot Inventory

This is also one skills which is very important. As is skills this, you can place various items more than before.

Of course you don’t have to go back and forth often just to sell things items earned, because of the slot inventory the greater it is.

3. Perception Skill

Skills There are 2 types, the first is called Falcon Perception whose function is to bring up a Mini Boss monster which is 20m from where you are.

In addition there is something called Wolf King Perception, whose function is to bring up the MVP Boss monster which is 20m from where you are.

Two skills this will help you in hunting Mini Boss and MVP Boss monsters, so you will find it easier if you really want to hunt boss monsters, and can avoid it if you don’t want to attack the boss because you are not strong.

4. Adventure Skill Socket

Well, this one skills also very important. Adventure Skill Sockets have similar functions to various skills which adds a slot auto-skill.

The difference is that the slot that increases is not a slot auto-skill but skill shortcuts which is doubled with the system switch. You can change slots as freely as you want.

5. Ghost Camera

Calm down, even though it’s called Ghost Camera, but skills this does not show the face of a spooky ghost. Ghost Camera only serves to show ghost-type monsters or ghostwhich is hidden and can only be seen from this Ghost Camera.

A number of quest also need skills this, therefore you must take skills This is to be able to see the hidden monsters, and complete quests which exists.

6. Hand in Hand

Yes, this photo is not from the original author, but in the real world, I’m not single.. Source: Wanuxi

Skills this will make people around you say “cie cie ..”, because skills This will allow you to join hands with your partner.

Yes even though it is skills This is not recommended for singles, but you can still hold hands, with the Mercenary Cat that you rent.

Eh, don’t stop right away, because skills This turns out to be needed to run one of the quest to get one headware named Rune Cloth Circlet.

Well that’s it various skills which you must take when you start playing. Don’t forget too, to take some skills In this case, you must raise the Adventure Level first. The trick is to hunt for new monsters, photos of monsters you haven’t met and so on!

You can also try to find new recipes by cooking. Every dish you encounter, will add cooking exp as well as exp to increase Adventure Level.