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7 Tips to Become a Pro in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is the PvP mode in the game Fortnite where you will fight with 100 other players to become last man standing. This mode can be played for free.

Well, the thing is it’s not easy to get a degree victory royale in Fortnite because you will be dealing with 99 other players who have skills diverse.

There are many determining factors in playing the game battle royale especially for Fortnite which is somewhat different from other games, starting from the ability to build buildings, strategies for choosing where to land, to choosing weapons.

Check out the following tips that will help you get victory royale in Fortnite:

1. Choose a location landing crowded

When you are at Respawn Island before starting battle royalemake sure you open the map and see the bus lines.

Choosing a landing location actually depends on your playing style. If you are the type camper, choose a landing location that is a bit far from the bus line. But if you are the type aggressivechoose a landing location at the beginning or in the middle of a busy bus lane chosen by the enemy.

The second suggestion is the best to get you used to playing fast when you meet many enemies at one time. As an exercise you can try to land in the Tilted Tower which is always crowded.

2. Hone skills building in Playground

Carrying the theme “The Battle is Building”, Fortnite Battle Royale requires players to master one skills more additions in battle royale besides shootingthat is building.

Champion shooting for having aim what is good is not a guarantee Fortnite especially if you are dealing with an enemy who has skill building above average. That means you can’t be good at one element gameplay just to get victory royale.

Do exercise building together with your friends in Playground. Get in the habit of building stairs first before quickly building a wall of boxes.

3. Do it farming quickly

There are three types material what you can farming for materials buildingthat is woods, stones, and metal.

How to collect them quickly? Wood can be collected from large trees or piles of wood material. Stone of rocks and metal from the car.

4. Select loadout for slots weapon wisely

If for ammo and material you can collect as much as possible. Not with guns. You are only given five slots for inventory weapons and consumable items.

The weapons presented also have different types of combat, ranging from close, medium, and far range. At least, provide the first three slots for weapons.

Slots first can be filled with Assault Rifle for medium distance. Slots second filled with Shotgun for close range. Slots third can be filled with Sniper for long distance. Leave two slots for consumable items as Medkits, Minis, Shields, or Grenades.

5. Do the combination shooting and building

If you are fighting an enemy in close quarters, get used to shooting while doing building. Ability building a fast one will confuse the enemy and at that time you can make a follow-up shot to finish him off.

6. Select high ground to always have the upper hand

high ground is the designation for the position of the character who is above the enemy. You can take advantage of high ground using the high cliffs on the map or by building your own using material.

high ground This is very useful in battle because it will give you more room to target the enemy who is below and vice versa, the opponent will find it difficult to shoot.

7. Communication is the key to teamwork

If you play duos or squadmake sure you use mic. Teamwork will be built solidly if you can always coordinate with your friends.

Always provide important information such as in which direction the enemy is seen, selecting the next location to be safe from the zone storm, to what to do when you meet the enemy in plain sight. For example, are you going to throw Grenade or do pushing towards the enemy?

Those are the tips to become a pro at Fortnite Battle Royale. Good luck!