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5 of the Most Steady Mobile Legends Heroes for Rank Season 11!

Can’t believe it’s now one of the competitive features in Mobile Legends (Rank) has entered Season 11. How guys? Did you succeed in achieving rank on target? Or even fail and free fall?

There are many factors that cause players to fail to raise rankwhere in addition to lack of good team coordination, there is also a mistake in choosing hero.

Well, on this occasion want to share information about Mobile Legends heroes what is the easiest thing to raise? rank in Season these 11? Instead of being curious, let’s just look at the list together!

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1. Claude

Source: Mobile Legends

Hero Mobile Legends with role marksman it’s really good to choose to ride rank you fast!

Skills Claude’s Battle Mirror Image can have two useful functions for escaping players (escape), enter clashor initiation.

Besides that Claude also has skills Art of Thievery that serves to steal movement speed and attack speed from the enemy.

For ultimate skills Battle Side-by-Side, usually when early used for clear minions so push tower could be faster.

2. Grock

Source: Mobile Legends

Tank is one of the role must be in gameplay or meta whatever. But unfortunately not many players like to choose role this.

Well, if you are a player who likes Mobile Legends heroes with role tanks and want push rank you in Season 11 is a success, then you should choose Grock.

The reason? Hero it has a passive skill (Ancestral Gift) which serves to make Grock tougher and able to run fast. This can give you more profit when early game guys!

Skills Grock’s actives such as Power of Nature, Guardian’s Barrier, or Wild Charge are also very useful for crowd control, burst damageor disable.

3. Lunox

Source: Mobile Legends

Lunox is Mobile Legends heroes which is very messy at the beginning of the game, because he is equipped with various damage skills which is quite large.

Hero it also has the ability to “evolve” which we refer to as mode yellow and mode purple.

One of the example is skills Order & Chaos, where are you when you’re in mode yellow, the ult will become a ball of light and you will get status invulnerable. Meanwhile if you are in mode purple skills both will be very fast.

4. Harley

Source: Mobile Legends

Well, karo Mobile Legends heroes this is very suitable to be chosen as midlanerbecause Harley is able to clear minions quickly.

When using a Harley, you canbuild equipment Easy Hunter Knife hero this does jungling or take buff.

It takes more skill than players to use Mobile Legends heroes this, so our suggestion is to practice a lot in classic modebefore using it in Rank.

One more tip that you should know when playing Harley, namely the priority of the target that you will attack with skills combo.

5. Karrie

Source: Mobile Legends

You can choose Karrie as an option if Claude is in pick or tires by the enemy. Hero it is dubbed as tank slayerbecause it has skills passive Lightwheel Mark which reduces enemy HP by 13 percent on 5th hit.

The point is this hero is very feared guys by para tank which off side or for those who play “barbarian”.