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5 Facts about Smach Z, a Mini Gaming PC that You Can Take Anywhere

Seems like a dream gamer who want to play PC games but mobile will be real. Recently appeared in the world a gadgets named Smach Z, a Mini PC Game that can be taken anywhere or portable.

What is Smach Z? Basically Smach Z is a gadgets to play games. Interestingly, Smach claims that Smach Z can play AAA games that are usually present on PC, without having to be constrained by space, time and low performance.

Just imagine, you can play AAA games like Call of Duty Series, Battlefield Series, and so on online portable. Well than us gossip, let’s try to discuss various facts about Smach Z, so that we can get to know Smach Z better. Cekidot!

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1. Powered by AMD Ryzen™ EMBEDDED V1000

AMD seems to be very suitable to be a processor game console. Not apart Smach Z also admits that and chooses AMD to support the games that will be played.

The type of processor used is AMD Ryzen™ EMBEDDED V1000. This processor has a voltage of 2GHz which has the ability to boost up to 3.6GHz. This processor has been strengthened with image processing technology or image processing technology rendering VEGA 8 which is usually present in mid-range laptops.

Usually with a graphics card like that, you’ll be able to play AAA games, but maybe not for very heavy games like Cyberpunk 2077, which reportedly requires a high graphics card.

2. Can Play More Than 20,000 Games

Smach claims that the Z is capable of running more than 20,000 PC games available on various game portals. Such as Steam, GOG, Uplay, Origin, and so on.

Games like GTA 5, Doom, Just Cause 3, Battlefield 1, PUBG, Crysis 3, Metro Last Light, Destiny 2and so on can be played on this Smach Z.

3. Full HD Display

Even though the screen is small, it turns out that the Z is able to present an HD screen resolution. The resolution used is 1920×1080 which is already the standard resolution for users gamer play games.

You don’t have to worry about having “eye pain” because of the small resolution.

4. Additional Z-Pads

If you are not comfortable with controller with shape touchpad in console Z, you can add an original accessory from Smach, namely additional Z-Pads.

This additional Z-Pads is perfect for those of you who feel more comfortable with controller traditional. It’s just that there is no information whether this addition will be sold separately or included in the sale.

5. Can Upgrade RAM and Storage

Another feature that can be the attraction of this Z, it turns out that you can do upgrade RAM and storage capacity using SSD.

Smach recommends buying genuine components from Smach for more compatibility. It’s just that you can buy components from outside with the following specifications.

– RAM: SODIMM DDR4 up to 8GB modules and up to 2400 Mhz.
– Storage: m2 SSD size 22×42 up to 1T.

Smach Z can already be done pre order with various prices according to the specifications of RAM and the desired storage capacity.

Just visit their official website at the link below.

Source: Smach.