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5 Disadvantages of Kenta FF, You Must Know

Kenta is one of the characters who can use shields other than Chrono and at the same time makes him a rival to Chrono . Even though you can rely on this hero because the shield will reduce the opponent's damage by 50%, this hero also has some drawbacks.

There are 5 shortcomings that will interfere with your playing performance. Do you know what Kenta lacks? If not, read on!

 Lack of Kenta FF

1. Can't Block All Damage

As we know, Kenta's shield can reduce the opponent's damage by 50%, but unfortunately another 50% damage still hits your character. That's quite detrimental especially if you haven't used a high level helmet and vest. Kenta's skill is very different from Chrono's which is able to block all enemy damage.

2. Slow Cooldown 

Kenta's skill has a long cooldown of 210 seconds at the first level and 160 seconds at the maximum level. The longer the cooldown will harm the user because the use of skills will be limited.

3. Can't Shoot When Skill is Active

This one problem is very influential and is considered the cause of Kenta's skills being considered normal. When the shield appears, you will not be able to shoot. If you force shooting then the skill will automatically disappear. So make sure you don't shoot if you want to use Kenta's skills.

4. Short Skill Duration

Kenta's skill only lasts for 5 seconds and it causes Kenta to lose to Chrono whose skill is active for 6 seconds. Even though the difference is only 1 second, when playing Free Fire it is very important.

5. Small Area

The skill area is also relatively small because it only covers 1 side, so the opponent can attack from behind or from the side. Of course it's very different from Chrono where the skill is in the form of a dome that covers the entire side.

So, those are the 5 shortcomings of Kenta Free Fire . Don't forget to keep visiting Gamedaim so you get other interesting info.